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Welcome to Ysgol y Ddwylan's website. The website has been developed with the aim of providing information to parents, prospective parents, friends and all who are interested in our school's activities and work.


Ysgol y Ddwylan has a safe and caring community where every effort is made to ensure our pupils have the best opportunity to fulfill their potential, and grow to be valued and responsible members of the community.


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Please see attached the Childcare Offer for Wales animated promotional video clip below. The parent/guardian online registration will be available on the Family Information Service website from the end November/early December (link below)-



Our I.C.T. vision- 

Ysgol y Ddwylan strives to develop a safe on-line environment, that promotes learning across the curriculum both within and outside the school. We will embrace new technological developments in a vibrant way to ensure this vision is fulfilled.  




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