Siarter Iaith


Mae siarad Cymraeg yn bril,

Mae siarad dwy iaith yn sgil!


Seren Lliw Sbarc Lliw IMG 0140 2 IMG 0369 IMG 0836 IMG 0844 IMG 0849 IMG 1050 IMG 2300 IMG 2824 IMG 2825 IMG 2854 IMG 2859 IMG 2860 IMG 2861 IMG 0029 IMG 0044 IMG 0113 IMG 0202 IMG 0369 2 IMG 0401 IMG 0544 IMG 0545 IMG 0547 IMG 0836 (1) IMG 0844 (1) IMG 0849 (1) IMG 1050 (1) IMG 1053 IMG 1068 IMG 1113 IMG 1123 IMG 1214 IMG 1221 IMG 1240 IMG 1298 IMG 1329 IMG 1372 IMG 1396 IMG 1444 IMG 1453 IMG 1469 IMG 1492 IMG 1506 IMG 1520 IMG 1557 IMG 1561 IMG 2861 (1) Sticer Ffenestri Mr Urdd Copy Dosbarth Arthur Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Branwen Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Caradog Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Ceridwen Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Deio Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Dyfed Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Mabon Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Olwen Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Penfro Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Pwyll Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Rhiannon Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Taliesin Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Taran Ysgol Y Ddwylan Dosbarth Tegid Ysgol Y Ddwylan 6I9A5403 Copy 6I9A5408 Copy 6I9A5413 Copy 6I9A5418 Copy 6I9A5419 Copy 6I9A5423 Copy 6I9A5436 Copy 6I9A5439 Copy 6I9A5441 Copy 6I9A5444 Copy 6I9A5447 Copy 6I9A5448 Copy 6I9A5451 Copy 6I9A5457 Copy 6I9A5460 Copy 6I9A5464 Copy 6I9A5465 Copy 6I9A5472 Copy 6I9A5477 Copy 6I9A5479 Copy 6I9A5484 Copy 6I9A5489 Copy 6I9A5495 Copy 6I9A5500 Copy 6I9A5502 Copy 6I9A5503 Copy 6I9A5507 Copy 6I9A5509 Copy 6I9A5516 Copy 6I9A5520 Copy 6I9A5522 Copy 6I9A5525 Copy 6I9A5530 Copy 6I9A5531 Copy 6I9A5534 Copy 6I9A5547 Copy 6I9A5556 Copy 6I9A5559 Copy 6I9A5562 Copy 6I9A5565 Copy 6I9A5570 Copy 6I9A5583 Copy 6I9A5591 Copy 6I9A5597 Copy 6I9A5605 Copy 6I9A5614 Copy 6I9A5621 Copy 6I9A5624 Copy 6I9A5634 Copy 6I9A5646 Copy 6I9A5655 Copy 6I9A5659 Copy 6I9A5668 Copy 6I9A5673 Copy 6I9A5675 Copy 6I9A5689 Copy 6I9A5696 Copy 6I9A5704 Copy 6I9A5711 Copy 6I9A5722 Copy 6I9A5732 Copy 6I9A5744 Copy 6I9A5753 Copy 6I9A5761 Copy 6I9A5780 Copy 6I9A5786 Copy




We held our launch on the 8th of March, where we presented information to parents and friends of the school on the Language Charters intentions. Our pupils had great fun modeling clothes from the company Shwldimwl.



Year 5 and 6 pupils had the opportunity to celebrate Welsh culture whilst completing activities at Glan Llyn. Here's a video on what they got up to. 



Recently, we've been fortunate to have a workshop with the Welsh Whisperer, where we composed a school anthem and performed in front of the whole school. 



Here's a top 10 playlist of our favourite songs celebrated on Welsh Music Day.

Name of the band/song  Song
Ail Symudiad - Rifiera Cymreig


 Yws Gwynedd - Sebona Fi  
 Edward H Dafis - Breuddwyd Roc a Rol  
 Yr Eira - Elin  
 Eden - Paid a Bod Ofn  
 Welsh Whisperer - Ni'n Belo Nawr  
 Maharishi - Tŷ Ar Y Mynydd  
 Radio Luxemburg - Lisa Magic a Porva  
 Lowri Evans - Merch Y Myny  
 Kizzy Crawford - Enfys Yn Y Glaw